My keyword is interactivity.

I think interactivity designates quality of interaction which occurs between at least two elements; sender(s) and receiver(s).

These two poles may change their operations according to interactive framework. Conversation can be considered a natural interaction between human beings. Here, the interactive framework, involves speaking, body language, gestures, mimics etc. The conversation will be formed by these two poles, sender and receiver within a interchangeable feedback loop. In that sense, we can say that interactive frame works are a mode of communication.

Also, interactivity can be matter of communication between human and computer interface. For instance, in a video- game, mouse and keyboard transcode our subconscious activity into computer language and returns with a feedback. So, user interacts with the framework which is designed by the developer, and contributes to the interaction.

Interactivity of a certain framework may define mental properties. I think it is one of the biggest wonders of abstract photography which is huge part of my artistic practice. In my view, abstract photographs land an entrance point for the viewer, and demand the interpretation of the viewer. Compared to straight photography which deploys an indexical narrative, the meaning of the photograph depends on the mental interactivity of the viewer in abstract photography.

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